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Dementia Moves In

  In July 2014 my partner, Coverley, of 15 years was diagnosed with mixed Vascular and Alzheimer's dementia. He was 68 years old.    In hindsight there were earlier signs, but being 10 years younger, I never gave it too much thought.  I just thought he was getting a little forgetful with age.  The notion that he had a form of dementia never once crossed my mind. He had always been a very active, lively and motivated man.  He had a childish eagerness for life and lived it to the fullest.  His energy was to be envied.  A party didn't start until he arrived.  He was the party.  He was the joker.  His generosity knew no bounds.  Dementia didn't happen to people with his vibrancy.  But it did.  Dementia is more than a brain disease     I had been ignorant of this dreadful insidious thief that was literally sucking the life out of Cov.  The impact of his diagnosis was devastating to the both of us. Somehow, in a short time, I got a grip on the situation by going into denial and